Best way to write api documentation standard

For this example, we can parse the unix timestamps into more useful date types.

The Best API Documentation

This also means you should license the code in these clients as freely as you are able — hopefully that means MIT or Apache 2. This could help alleviate headaches for the debugger who is trying to hit a certain endpoint and keeps getting HTTP responses, or is seeing response times of 20 seconds.

Look how easy it is to use: Responses might be paginated because there is a large number of response elements or because elements are updated frequently.

How To Write Technical Documentation For APIs

Next we need to parse the output into an R object. However, others require authentication to perform particular requests or to avoid rate limits and other limitations. However, people need to understand why your code might be useful for them, before they decide to use it.

These sample projects may literally be the foundation of clients built in the wild, so this is your chance to set developers on the best possible path for the most high-quality experience with your API. This stuff might not matter to you, but the people who want to use your code will care about this a whole lot.

You may also need some way to preserve user credentials between function calls so that end users do not need to specify them each time. Very often, client libraries in languages not native to the API developers themselves are non-idiomatic, poorly written and actually work against developers who would otherwise use them.

One is similar to the tools I mentioned above, where comments are taken from code to generate the documentation. Some things to include along with documented responses to each of your API calls: It is also a great practice to link jargon and domain-specific words to useful definitions the first time they are used in any given section.

This will ensure that you get a clear error message if the API changes: Often the API will provide information about the error in the body of the response: Status codes in the range typically mean that something has gone wrong on the server side.

The single biggest mistake I see made with client libraries is treating them like a feature checkbox that can be thrown out in an afternoon of coding.

The Best API Documentation

An API can be: Tutorials Addressing the newcomer case head-on, tutorials should be step-by-step introductions to using the API as if the developer has never before heard of your company or service. Use a framework that both generates the APIs and the documentation 2. By following the mentioned API Blueprint examples you’ll not only have something to start with, but you’ll also be following the best practices in terms of documentation.

After you finish your documentation you can quickly generate the code for your API using the API Blueprint tools. Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API Your data model has started to stabilize and you're in a position to create a public API for your web app.

You realize it's hard to make significant changes to your API once it's released and want to get as much right as possible up front. REST API Documentation Best Practices Posted by Irene Ros. Aug 22 Building a back-end API layer introduces a whole new layer of coordination between server and client code.

While there are many aspects to this delicate dance of communication, one key ingredient to minimizing back-and-forth-confusion-about what-call-does-what, is. I'm writing a specification for a RESTful API for a new internal web service. It's not hugely long and fairly simple, but even so, it's my first time using strict REST (as opposed to cheating for practical reasons - avoiding PUT and DELETE because they're a pain in PHP, and so on).

Best practices for API packages

To make life easier for the developers, API publishers often publish software libraries that make it easy to use the API, or code examples that show how to achieve some of the tasks that can at least get you started with the API (for example, The Six Pillars of Complete Developer Documentation or Web API Documentation Best Practices).

Writing documentation is a different form of writing than most people have experience with. Technical writing is an art that doesn’t come naturally.

Best Practices for Writing API Docs and Keeping Them Up To Date

Writing documentation will start you down the road to being a better technical writer, which is a useful skill to have as a programmer.

Best way to write api documentation standard
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